Veggies are conquering the world! Regardless of whether you’re talking about soft drinks with cucumber, trendy cocktails with tomato or smoothies with carrots—it’s clear that vegetables have found their way into all food and beverage segments. Döhler provides a broad portfolio of vegetable Ingredients to help processors ride this wave of success.

Vegetable-driven flavor concepts—popular for decades in Asia—now are becoming equally popular in the Western hemisphere. This trending tastes include more carrot, cucumber, sweet potato, pumpkin, sweet pepper and beetroot.

Vegetables are rich in important vitamins, minerals and fiber, and most varieties have a lower calorie content than sweeter fruits! Vegetables are healthy and unlock new and extraordinary taste sensations—not only in the savory world of food, but also for beverages, sweet desserts, ice creams, yogurts and many more. 

Many vegetables varieties are a feast for the eye thanks to their brilliant color spectrum, thereby providing a maximum visual indulgence.

Along with the broad portfolio of outstanding vegetable ingredients, Döhler also provides many smart ideas for new foods and beverage concepts. Visit Döhler’s website to learn more about the company’s naturally nutritional purees and vegetable juice concentrates, on-trend flavors (from cucumber to beetroot), brilliant colors (derived naturally from vegetables) and innovative new product ideas.

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