As better-for-you snacking surges in popularity, Blue Diamond Growers introduced a new 2-ounce snack bag to the Nut-Thins product portfolio in three varieties: Sea Salt, Cheddar Cheese and Sriracha. A crispy, crunchy baked rice cracker made with the goodness of California-grown Blue Diamond almonds, the new grab-and-go Nut-Thins are rolling out at select 7-Eleven locations and other convenience stores nationwide.

According to company-identified market research, 94% of Americans snack at least once per day, while 61% of consumers crave portable snacks. When it comes to convenience store shoppers, approximately 50% of consumers are in search for healthier options.

The three distinct Nut-Thins flavors appeal to a wide range of consumers looking for better-for-you snacking choices at convenience stores:

• Sea Salt: a classic yet satisfyingly savory appeal that’s suited to any palate.
• Cheddar Cheese: one of our most popular flavors, with real cheese complementing each nutty crunch.
• Sriracha: our boldest yet, offering a hot bite of sweet chili and garlic.