Redd's Apple Ale will release its second limited-edition flavor of the year: Redd's Black Cherry Ale, adding more variety to its beer lineup. This new beer joins the Redd's family as part of the Limited Pick series, and will be available nationwide through early 2018.

The new beer delivers a strong cherry flavor balanced with Redd's signature apple taste. Its prominent ripe cherry flavor and aroma blend with its notes of apple, giving the drink a light copper color and a fruit profile. Like the rest of the Redd's flavors, Redd's Black Cherry Ale is 5% alcohol by volume.   

Featuring the newly designed brand packaging, Redd's Black Cherry Ale will maintain the same crisp and refreshing taste fans have come to know and love. Redd's Black Cherry Ale joins Blueberry Ale and Raspberry Ale, two flavors released early in the year, in the Redd's family of beers.

Redd's Black Cherry Ale will be available at most grocery and convenience stores in 6-pack 12-ounce bottles, 16-ounce cans and in the variety pack.