With kids across the country back in school, families are easing into fall schedules and reestablishing back to school routines, which means parents are back on lunch packing duty. According to a recent survey conducted by Borden® Cheese, two out of three parents pack lunches for their kids, and more than 65% of these parents believe nutritious snacks are a must-have lunch box item.

Just in time for back to school, Borden® Cheese announces an all-new line of snack bars, packed with everything a student needs to take on the school year. Available in popular flavors of Mild Cheddar, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack and Gouda, these convenient, easy-to-open snack bars make it easy to create a protein-packed lunch.

"Combining convenience and nutrition, Borden® Cheese Snack Bars make packing a healthy lunch your child will actually eat easier," said Flavia Panza, Senior Director of Marketing, Dairy Farmers of America. "Because Borden® Cheese believes good snacks should be good for you, each Borden® Cheese Snack Bar packs 5g of protein at only 80 calories or less per serving."

The survey also found that 50% of parents identify time and convenience as the primary challenges to offering healthy, nutritious lunches and after-school snacks for their children. Luckily, each individually-wrapped Borden® Cheese Snack Bar contains five grams of protein and is a good source of calcium, making them full of wholesome goodness that parents can feel good about. Sold in resealable packs of 10, these new snack bars are perfect for lunches and snacking.

The entire line of Borden® Cheese products, including snack-time-ready string cheese, chunks and the all-new snack bars, is available at major grocery stores and independent retailers across the country.