As a long-time personal chef to New York City’s elite, Mina Kallmani’s legacy lives on through her flavorful brand of Moroccan sauces, Mina. Currently the latest culinary trend making its way to homes and restaurants across the country, Mina is full of Moroccan flavors.

Before Mina Kallamni emigrated to the US from Morocco, she attended culinary school in Paris. This is where she honed her skills in the art of cooking while incorporating traditional Moroccan flavors and family recipes. Kallmani’s culinary expertise and her special touch of home-cooking comfort, won her over with many glamorous celebrities, and soon Kallamni became an in-demand personal chef sensation.

As Kallamni neared retirement, she realized there were no Moroccan sauces marketed to mainstream America, but she and her family could be first the ones to do it. Partnering with her son, Fouad, the family team launched Mina Moroccan sauces to the masses, inspired by Mina’s mother’s recipes. As managing partner in the company, Fouad Kallamni has attracted Whole Foods, Wegmans, Kroger, Target and more as retail customers.

Mina’s classic Moroccan Harissa, Shakshuka and Tagine’s spice up the flavor of food and add nutrients. What can be used as a sauce, dip or spread, Mina Moroccan sauces are versatile in its ability to add heat to dishes, as well as make Moroccan cuisine quick and easy.

  • Mina Harissa Sauce – The Spicy Harissa is Mina’s hot classic pepper sauce—one that’s becoming a tabletop staple with every meal. Made with Mina’s special blend of six simple ingredients, this Spicy Harissa turns up the heat for tastebuds that love spice; transforming plain plates into exotic experiences.
  • Shakshuka Sauce – Shakshuka is a dish made of eggs, cooked in a rich Moroccan spiced tomato sauce with roasted bell peppers and lots of herbs and spices. This dish is popping up on trendy menus everywhere and Mina’s special Shakshuka Sauce recipe uses all natural ingredients. A versatile sauce, it can be used with pasta, on pizza, or to liven up a stew.
  • Tagine Sauce – Tagine is the name of a Moroccan stew, as well as the clay pot in which it is cooked. Mina’s Tagine Cooking Sauces come in Chicken, Fish and Lamb/Beef recipes.