There are no secrets to success in the food business: launching a food business is hard work. But with Food Starter's access to expertise, networking and industry-specific knowledge, many Ontario food entrepreneurs are gaining traction in a crowded market space. For a glimpse into their stories, Food Starter has launched their own YouTube channel.

"Seeing is believing on the Food Starter channel," says Dana McCauley, executive director at Food Starter. "There is so much to learn when you hear other entrepreneurs tell their stories."

While Food Starter looks for innovative food ideas that fill market gaps, their reach is as diverse as their members. The “This is Food Starter” video gives an overview of operations and sets the stage for understanding what it takes to make it in the industry. The channel features playlists that curate advice from business experts and content created by the Food Starter community as well as original and inspiring two-minute success stories about how clients went from concept to shelf. Examples include:

  • Fressy Bessie turned a struggling organic, sugar-free baby food business into ice lollies that sell out all summer.
  • Six Pack Chef from FoodNetwork Canada's Chopped has left the studio and restaurants in pursuit of a healthy food business that will help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Inner Glow Super Foods saves the Amazon rainforest and your breakfast with their acai puree sold to food manufacturers and juice bars