Sensus will use this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) exhibition to address sugar, a sweet subject with some negative connotations.

Public health authorities, health professionals, food and beverage manufacturers and many consumers are united in their concerns about sugar. Unfortunately, many aspects of our modern lifestyle, are leading to an epidemic of ill health across the world. Escalating levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other non-communicable diseases, are fueled by unhealthy diets and other lifestyle factors. 

One key ingredient in this is sugar. Adults and children in many countries simply consume too much. We need to reduce the amount of sugar that we eat drastically. Various solutions to reduce the sugar content of food are available. 

Sensus is using its FiE Booth # stand 8L50 to explore the issues associated in sugar reduction. Moreover, Sensus offers food ingredient options that also offer additional health benefits. Chicory root fiber, also called inulin, is an ingredient that is not only excellent for sugar reduction, but also has proven health benefits. It boosts the fiber content of products and lowers glycemic response.

Chicory root fiber is a dietary fiber that provides natural sweetness. It enables significant sugar reduction in food products, increases fiber content and enhances taste. It is an ideal ingredient for food manufacturers looking for a natural, clean-label solution to create healthier foods with less sugar and fat, but no compromise on quality and texture. 

Michael Pronk, a Sensus technical manager, will give a 25-minute presentation about sugar reduction in the “Supplier Solution Theatre” in hall 11 on Tuesday, November 28 at 3pm. 

For more information please visit or contact our technical team, Marjan Nouwens,

Watch the video and download the white paper.

Find out the very latest information on the value of chicory root fiber at the Sensus. Not only can FiE visitors talk to experts, but they also can taste foods containing chicory root fiber.

About Sensus

Sensus is global specialist in chicory root fiber. It manufactures Frutafit® inulin and Frutalose® oligofructose, both of which make a good sugar substitute in a wide range of food products, including dairy foods, bread and bakery products, confectionery and beverages.