RETHINK Brands, an innovative packaged water company and creators of the sugar-free, flavored water for kids, announced the addition of new flavors to its RETHINK Kids Water lineup, which will launch in tandem with new packaging and branding. Organic Fruit Punch, Organic Strawberry Lemon and Organic Orange Mango will join existing flavors Purified Water, Organic Apple Water and Organic Berry Water, doubling the brand's range while still promising zero sugar, zero sodium and zero calories. The three new flavors will launch in April and will be available along with existing flavors in over 10,000 stores nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger and Target, with prices ranging from $2.99 - $3.69 for a pack of 8. 

RETHINK Brands first aimed to disrupt the bottled water category with its 2016 introduction of RETHINK Water, focused on eliminating the 40 billion plastic bottles that end up in landfills and oceans each year. Last year, realizing there was an underserved market for parents who wanted to give their children a sugar-free drink option, the brand created an entirely new category with the introduction of RETHINK Kids Water. 

Water is doubling its flavor offerings and increasing its retail footprint. With juice sales and foot traffic to the supermarket juice aisle in decline, RETHINK Kids Water's new flavors, and new packaging -- colorful, fun, and eye-catching -- are in line with the company's forecasted 2018 growth of 150% and mission to change the way consumers, especially families, think about water. 

"When we launched RETHINK Kids Water last year, our goal was to fill a real void in the beverage industry, and we achieved that by creating a sugar-free juice alternative for kids," said Matt Swanson, co-founder and CEO of RETHINK Brands. "As we continue to listen to our customers and evolve as a brand, introducing new flavors and newly designed packaging, is the next step in that evolution. More and more consumers are choosing water as their drink of choice, and we're thrilled to be a part of that change." 

Packaged in a traditional juice box with a straw, RETHINK Kids Water lineup is familiar to kids and parents, but is anything but the usual kid-friendly drink. Focused on encouraging healthy eating and drinking habits among children, RETHINK Kids Water is a Whole 30-approved, tasty alternative to bottled water or sugary juice that parents can trust, pack for lunches, give for after-school snacks and bring for fun day trips.