Chewpod, a functional gum for increased energy or a good night’s sleep is now available to US consumers. A product of Khloros Innovation, Canadian-based maker of chewable supplements, Chewpod is an efficient, easy-to-absorb product meant to optimize consumers’ potential in every aspect of their lives.
Available in the US in two focus areas, the chewable supplement provides a beneficial effect on energy and ability to recover. Chewpod’s Fastactiv technology allows consumers to control their state of mind on demand, encouraging them to live every moment to the fullest regardless of the activity at hand.
Each pack of Chewpod comes with eight individually packaged, chewable, refreshing mint tablets. The Fastactiv technology delivers energy quickly and is easily absorbed by the body. All products are locally manufactured in North America and distributed exclusively in the United States and Canada.
Products include:

• Energy On Demand:

- BOOST ENERGY QUICKLY: Chewpod Energy On Demand uses Fastactiv technology and a comprehensive blend of natural essential vitamins and energy supplements to provide consumers with the energy needed to accomplish any task at hand; including vitamin B6, vitamin B5, caffeine, taurine and guarana seed extract. Chewpod Energy On Demand works fast to give consumers the caffeine boost they need, when they need it

- PERFECT ON THE MOVE: Favored by endurance athletes, active adults, trade skilled and business professionals and multitaskers of all kinds, Chewpod Energy On Demand offers fast energy on the go; compact, easy to carry in a pocket or purse and sealed in individual packs for ensured freshness

- NO CRASH OR JITTERS: Chewpod Energy On Demand is specially formulated to produce energy and alertness without shakes or jitters, and at no risk of energy crashing; Chewpod Energy On Demand uses a combination of vitamins and supplements to give consumers a natural-feeling energy boost without any of the unpleasant side effects

• Sleep On Demand:

- FALL ASLEEP ON DEMAND AND WAKE UP BETTER: Chewpod Sleep On Demand is a natural sleep aid that uses Fastactiv technology to help consumers fall asleep quickly, improve sleep quality and wake feeling rested, refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead

- COMBAT JET LAG OR FATIGUE: Specifically formulated to combat fatigue due to shift changes, jet lag and occasional sleeplessness, the unique blend of melatonin and natural sleep supplements help increase total sleep time, and reset the body’s natural sleep cycle; unlike other sleep aid tablets, Chewpod Sleep On Demand will not leave consumers feeling groggy upon waking, but rather rested and clear headed

- NATURAL INGREDIENTS THAT ARE NON HABIT FORMING: Chewpod Sleep On Demand is a unique blend of natural ingredients, including melatonin, vitamin B6 and natural amino acids to enhance total sleep time and quality, and help regulate the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle; powerful enough to ensure quality sleep, but natural enough to prevent wakeful fog and grogginess, with ingredients that are non-habit forming

“Chewpod is an easy and fast solution for men and women looking for more energy and better sleep,” said Thiffault. “Consumers will see immediate results and will be able to live a more productive and energized life.”
Chewpod products are currently available for purchase on and via Amazon. A single pack with four servings is $5. Bundles of four and bundles of 10 are also available for $18 and $40 respectively.