Liquid CORE® Gum Company released FLATLINER™ Gum, a gum that showcases the effectiveness of its liquid center functional delivery system. Each piece of FLATLINER™ contains 130mg of natural caffeine. In conjunction with the FLATLINER™ launch, Liquid CORE® is expanding an educational effort highlighting NIH and other studies that detail the brain-boosting and stress-reducing cognitive benefits from chewing, like enhanced memory recall. 

These studies show that the benefits are present for the duration the gum is chewed – which is why the form and flavor of FLATLINER™ were engineered to last longer.

The company alsos indicatedthat up to 18% of caffeine never releases from traditional "pressed" or chiclet gums, emphasizing the more complete release and better experience that the Liquid CORE® gum system provides. FLATLINER™ starts with an Ice Cherry flavor which arcs through what the company calls the Ultimate Flavor Transformation, delivering a series of unique flavors. This dynamic interaction among the functional ingredients and flavors is unique to all Liquid CORE® Gum Company gums.