Nellson, LLC (Nellson), a North American formulator and manufacturer of branded and private label nutritional bar and functional powder solutions, will collaborate with Dr. Hector Lopez along with strategic partners Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss and Tim Avila, as Nellson’s scientific advisors and work to support the Nellson Commercial Development team.

“We are very pleased to have recognized key opinion leaders such as Dr. Lopez, Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss, and Tim Avila join the Nellson team,” said Jamie Better, Chief Executive Officer of Nellson. “Their unique insight and expertise in our industry will provide tremendous value to both the Nellson team and our Brand partners. This alliance demonstrates our ongoing commitment to deepening our scientific knowledge and providing our customers with best-in-class R&D services. Under Dr. Lopez’s and his partners’ leadership, we believe our Scientific Advisory alliance will take us to the next level of customer support and success.” 

Dr. Lopez and the Scientific Advisory’s thought leadership will augment Nellson’s technical expertise in product development and formulation, and will expand the company’s clinical R&D database on established and emerging ingredients in the dietary supplement and functional food industries. 

“We believe one of the aspects that differentiates Nellson from our competitors is the investment we make in collaborating with our Brand partners to create new and unique products that fulfill the most complex on-trend requirements,” said Bart Child, Senior Vice President of Commercial Development. “Dr. Lopez and the team of industry experts have a deep and broad knowledge base in functional ingredients, as well as macronutrients like proteins, fibers, and sugars. They will provide our Brand partners third-party validation on nutritional benefit claims, as well as insight into the science behind bioactive ingredients and how they best can be used to create functional products that consumers want. This is a great opportunity for our company and our customers, and we are excited to have these experts as an extension of the Nellson team, ensuring we continue to successfully create new and improved functional powder solutions and nutritional bars that consumers will embrace.”