Since the fall of 2016, TIC Gums has taken a lead in petitioning the FDA to add acacia to the list of approved dietary fibers. We have put forth a strong argument that acacia meets the definition of intact and intrinsic.
In a continuing effort to encourage the FDA to classify gum acacia as dietary fiber, TIC Gums and others in the acacia industry commissioned two clinical studies designed to provide additional evidence of the physiological benefit of acacia as a dietary fiber.
Since commissioning these studies, TIC Gums has been directly involved in the development, execution, data analysis and scientific review of these two new clinical studies. That work is now complete.
In addition to supportive studies previously submitted in comments to the FDA, these two new studies demonstrate physiological benefits to support including gum acacia as a dietary fiber under the updates to the Nutrition and Labeling Education Act.
We are pleased to announce, based on the overall body of evidence, we are moving forward with the plan to submit a citizen’s petition for approval with the FDA this spring. TIC Gums will continue to be a part of the citizen’s petition process and any follow-ups.
Although TIC Gums is taking every step possible to provide this evidence, we cannot make assumptions on behalf of the FDA, so we are unable to guarantee acacia will gain approval as a dietary fiber. While we can’t provide a timeline for a response from the FDA, we will provide further updates as they become available.