TIC Gums has combined functionality requirements, dietary trends and strong industry knowledge to offer an extensive portfolio of hydrocolloid-based fiber solutions for formulators looking to add or boost fiber content in fortified food and beverages.

Traditionally recognized for their functionality benefits including viscosity, stabilization and texture modification, hydrocolloids are often overlooked as an excellent source of dietary fiber for a wide range of applications.

Gum acacia contains a minimum of 90% soluble dietary fiber on a dry weight basis and can be used to increase fiber levels without negative impacts on texture or flavor. Manufacturers can leverage the fiber benefits of gum acacia without drastically altering the finished viscosity.

Other hydrocolloids, such as inulin, have the ability to replace undesirable ingredients, like sugar, with prebiotic dietary fiber. Formulators are then able to satisfy consumer demands for increased fiber while improving the perception of their label declarations.

In addition to single ingredient stabilizers, TIC Gums has developed high-performance blends for specific applications to incorporate soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Download our newly introduced Fiber Chart to take a closer look at hydrocolloids which boost dietary fiber content in applications often associated with high and added fiber claims. Visit ticgums.com/fiberchart to access the chart.

TIC Gums’ team of Gum Gurus® can help guide the fiber selection process and provide processors with the best formulation options that meet requirements. Call TIC Gums’ technical service hotline at (800) 899-3953 or visit ticgums.com/chat to speak with a specialist.

TIC Gums is a global leader in advanced texture and stabilization solutions for the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage companies rely on TIC Gums to improve the texture, stability, consistency, nutritional profile and shelf appeal of their products. Legendary customer service, high quality standards and the unrivaled knowledge of our Gum Gurus have made TIC Gums the industry leader for more than 100 years. If you have any questions, please call our Gum Gurus at (800) 899-3953 or chat with us online at www.ticgums.com/chat.