Continuing its mission to provide operators with nutritious foods that delight guests, Campbell’s Foodservice is re-crafting its entire line of canned soups. The company, as part of its purpose to serve real food, has spent two years evolving more than 60 products. Available in condensed and ready-to-serve formats starting the summer of 2019, these Campbell’s® Classic soups feature nutritional benefits that meet guests’ needs today and for the future, without unnecessary ingredients.

These new recipes feature carefully selected ingredients:

What’s in:
No-antibiotics-ever chicken meat
Carefully selected ingredients
Delicious flavor guests know and love
390mg of sodium per serving in Campbell’s® Healthy Request® 50-ounce varieties as of spring 2019

What’s out:
High-fructose corn syrup
Added MSG
Colors from artificial sources
Artificial flavors
Added preservatives
BPA-lined cans

“We’re ensuring that every ingredient earns its place in our products, continuing Campbell’s real food journey and commitment to our operator partners,” said Kevin Matier, Vice President and General Manager of Campbell’s North America Foodservice. “As we did with our frozen soup portfolio in 2017, we’re ensuring high-quality ingredients and delivering canned soups that are as delicious as ever—or even better.”

These soups offer chefs the chance to explore different culinary applications, serving them straight from the can or using them as speed-scratch ingredients. Chefs can incorporate the soups into their own dishes or get recipe ideas from Campbell’s Foodservice.