The Philippines, a Pacific Rim nation of more than 7,000 islands, has a diverse culinary culture influenced by local ingredients (such as, coconut and mango) and other ethnic cuisines, most notably Chinese, Malay and Spanish. 

“All of these factors come together to create an incredible fusion of flavors that while uniquely Filipino with its sour/sweet notes and indigenous ingredients,” says Wixon Corporate Chef Ryan Kukuruzovic, “Filipino cuisine also incorporates flavors borrowed from other cuisines. This is what contributes to the appeal of Filipino flavors—they’re both novel and approachable.” 

Key Filipino Flavors:

•    Adobo

•    Banana

•    Calamansi Lime

•    Coconut

•    Mango

•    Shrimp

•    Tomato

•    Ube

•    Vinegar

Beyond its rich mélange of flavors, the interest in Filipino cuisine on the US food scene is being driven by several factors. 

First is the ethnic diversity of younger generations. US Census data indicates America’s Pacific Island population is expected to increase 25% from 2013 to 2023. While at the same time, the Asian American population is projected to grow by 28%. Second, the consumer demand for global flavors both in foodservice and consumer packaged goods continues to expand, especially for Asian flavors. In fact according to a 2018 Lightspeed/Mintel survey, American consumers prefer Southeast Asian cuisine more than Latin and African cuisines. And 75% of Southeast Asian consumers are seeking out food of their own ethnic heritage. 

Looking specifically at the rising interest in Filipino foods, Google Trend data shows Americans are searching Google for Filipino food more today than in the past decade.

“All of these indicators point to an unmet demand for Filipino flavors in the market,” adds Becca Henrickson, marketing manager. “Pacific Island cuisines are also primarily dairy- and gluten-free, which adds another layer of appeal among consumers following these dietary patterns. Our Innovation Team sees unlimited opportunities to incorporate Filipino flavors into products across the health and wellness spectrum, as well as into savory snacks and meal solutions.”  

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Source: Mintel: International Food Trends - US - January 2019