Organic flavor and ingredient manufacturer Blue Pacific Flavors, City of Industry, Calif., opened a new R&D laboratory called the “Flavor Creation and Culinary Innovation Center.” The lab handles all product development and flavor creation for the company's global operations in the US and Asia.

Officials say the opening comes after a $1.5 million expansion that doubled the space to 3,100 square feet. The center will increase the company's application, creation, sensory testing and compliance capabilities for natural and organic flavor and finished food development. The investment includes labs and offices for Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory/Product Safety, Research and Development, and new equipment such as a pilot spray dryer and Kardex Remstar high density storage for flavors and raw materials. 

The new facility provides a collaborative space for Blue Pacific Flavors clients to create clean-label, plant-based, natural and organic food and beverage applications. Processing capabilities include a MicroThermics Steam Injection System with in-line homogenization and UHT clean-fill to provide a streamlined path to market for new food and beverage products.

"Our vision was to build a world-class innovation center to be the core of our organization," says Blue Pacific Flavors CEO Donald Wilkes. "It is a reflection of the food manufacturing renaissance taking place in southern California and our commitment to meet the needs of a growing organic flavors business."

Blue Pacific has added staff in regulatory and quality control and plans to hire additional positions in research and development. The next phase of the investment will include the purchase of additional analytical equipment to support enhanced food safety and quality testing.

Blue Pacific develops natural, organic and organic compliant fruit and sweet flavors for a broad range of food applications including beverages, fruit preparations, dairy (yogurt and milk), plant-based milks, ice cream, frozen desserts, bakery and nutritional foods and confectionery products. The company's Farm Stand Whole Fruit™ portfolio includes natural and plant-based flavors that use name whole fruit extractives as the largest ingredient by weight and are free from chemical solvents.

About Blue Pacific Flavors

Headquartered in City of Industry, Calif., Blue Pacific Flavors is a world-class food and beverage flavor company with more than 35 years of management experience in the industry. Established in 1993, the company develops innovative natural and organic flavor and ingredient solutions for global food and beverage brands. Blue Pacific Flavors recently made a $1.5 million investment to double the size of its Flavor Creation & Culinary Innovation Center research and development laboratory. 

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