Israel’s Gat Foods will use this year’s Institute of Food Technologists’ 2019 exhibition, Booth #5132, to introduce Fruitlift, a true fruit-based ingredient to replace refined sugars in RTE cereals. The innovative formulation consists of natural, fruity goodness that includes fiber and comes in a fruity flavor or can easily blend into a cereal brand’s signature flavor. 

Food companies are aware that they can no longer “sugar coat” the fact the many RTE cereals are heavily laden with refined sugars, especially since children are the key target market for this sector. 

White sugar can comprise from between 15% to a whopping 40% of a typical box of cereal.

Fruitlift, comes in the form of a liquid base that can be injected to any flour mixture in the extrusion line, or applied via the coating drum in the production of cereals. The fruit base delivers a mild sweetness, with or without a fruity flavor and can be tailored to fit any type of manufacturing or extrusion procedure and flour mix. 

Gat Foods offers a comprehensive choice of fruits, including apple, banana, mango, citrus fruits, and pineapple—which make up 90% of the Fruitlift formula. While the company recommends adding the fruit base at 15% volume for a pleasantly mild sweetness, the sweetness levels can be adjusted to any level, from providing just a hint of sweetness or up to a more full and robust flavor. 

Gat Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Bottling Company Group Ltd. (CBC Israel), which since 1942 has developed, produced, and marketed innovative fruity solutions for beverage manufacturers. It now is applying that expertise to food formulations as well.

Visit us at the IFT EXPO, new exhibitors area, Booth #5132 

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Gat Foods

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