FrieslandCampina Ingredients provides advanced solutions to customer needs for nutritional, healthy and tasty food products, as one unified brand. While keeping dairy at its core, the company will explore the future growth potential in gut health offerings, protein benefits, and personalized nutrition.
The company remains an international organization with five regional offices to serve customers worldwide and is led by Kathy Fortmann as the president of FrieslandCampina Ingredients. Kathy Fortmann: “The introduction of FrieslandCampina Ingredients builds on the company’s strong history, which started in 1871 when farmers joined forces in local cooperative dairy factories. Today, we join forces again under one shared commitment: all our market segments are now serving our customers with a unified offering in high-quality nutritional ingredients and solutions for a variety of industries, and for all stages of life.”
In the new FrieslandCampina Ingredients organization, the former operating companies are transformed into four strategic segments:
Early Life Nutrition: The segment continues to deliver on the trust people have in Infant Milk Formula to help young children grow healthily and builds on a legacy of more than 75 years as world market leader in nutritional ingredients like GOS, HMOs and hydrolysates, to name a few.
Adult Nutrition: The segment serves Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition. It includes an extensive portfolio of nutritional dairy protein ingredients, providing essential nutrients for those moments when people need them most.

Food & Beverages: As the name suggests, this segment serves global food and beverage customers. It continues a long history of enriching customers’ businesses with unique sensory expertise in creaminess, milkiness, mouthfeel, color and texture for end-products in the coffee, (milk) tea, pastry, decoration, desserts, ice cream and soups & sauces markets, creating indulgent experiences that enhance the senses. Additionally, it includes an extensive portfolio of functional dairy protein ingredients.

Animal Nutrition: This segment continues to work with an international customer base of dairy farms, building on a legacy of safeguarding high quality standards and reduced antibiotic treatments for animals.
FrieslandCampina Ingredients reported combined sales of 1.7 billion euros in FY18 and employs an international group of 3,250 employees. The new segments operate facilities worldwide, with regional sales offices in The Netherlands, USA, Singapore, China and Brazil, operating under one unified brand identity and tagline, “The Inside Matters."
At its core, the company consists of passionate ingredient specialists focused on adding goodness to the foods, beverages and businesses that nourish the world. The addition of clear segmentation strengthens the company’s position as an innovative partner and global player in ingredients.