Idaho Milk Products is celebrating completion of the $30 million expansion at their Jerome facility that began in October 2018 with a ribbon-cutting planned in September 2019. The site has undergone many changes in recent months, including the new Research and Development (R&D) pilot plant. One of the benefits our customers will enjoy is access to more of the award-winning ingredients as we will increase our processing capacity by 1 million pounds of milk per day.

The list of equipment available for formulation work includes: a Microthermics UHT/HTST Lab, a membrane separation unit, an ice cream freezer, a small spray dryer, a plate and frame heat exchanger, a 2-stage homogenizer, a fluidized bed dryer, canning and sterilization set up for retort processing and a V blender with intensifying bar. This will provide the ability to work on and test ready-to-drink beverages, yogurts, ready-to-mix beverages, ice cream, protein bars, retort processing and more.

With this expansion, Idaho Milk Products will continue to meet customer expectations and additional demands for top-quality dairy ingredients, product reliability, consistency and service.