Expo East – What to Look For:

Plants, Plants, and More Plants! This year more than ever, plants are mounting a takeover of the entire Expo East floor – not just as a side dish or veggie burger. From personal care to beverage, supplement to snack, there’s nary a product NOT touting the power of the plant. Take a look at the plethora of places plants are sprouting into. It seems like there’s nowhere a plant, can’t grow.


Mother Nature in Force

Nearly 30 women-owned companies will exhibit exciting new products at Expo East. This strong showing underscores not just the buying power of women but their innovation prowess as entrepreneurs in creating plant-based sustainable products with a nod to revering Mother Nature.  As a women-owned and led company SRG can’t wait to see what is growing in this garden plant innovation.

Plants Taking Root in Every Category

Like weeds, plant-based ingredients are showing up everywhere you’d expect, the dairy case, the meat aisle, in snacking, in new and engaging forms. It’s the unexpected categories we’re seeing plants blossom that are so exciting and driving innovation., Coffee and teas, beauty, even seafood analogs. Our personal favorite – jerky. Expo East attendees have seen the steady rise in meat jerky of all kind, but this year you’ll see leaf Jerky, Mushroom Jerky and more. 

Beauty Products in Food

As plants continue to be essential ingredients in personal care products, more and more traditional beauty components are showing up in food. Beyond aloe, we are seeing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and other ingredients like cocoa butter and adapotgentic herbs take their place in a wide assortment of beauty and health products