Infuse Your Life Health Products Inc announced the 2020 North American launch of Pantheon: Non-Alcoholic Cardiovascular and Antioxidant Beer, a heart healthy beer brand.

Inspired to create something unique and extraordinary, this start-up’s vision stems from passion to bring a heart healthy beverages to the masses.
"Our mission is simple; to change the way people think about, purchase, and consume health products and beverages,” Clint Richter, vice president, said in a statement. "To create a beverage stemming directly from our flagship product G-Cubed: Cardiovascular Support really was a no-brainer.” As consumer demand rises for healthier options, we have put a major focus on R & D over the last year to expand our product offerings in 2020. We are the only company in North America with a formula specifically designed for Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes Management. At the end of the day, we feel that there is a segment of the market that enjoys the taste of a clean crisp refreshing beer, but due to health concerns can’t consume alcohol due to certain side effects.”

"Heart Disease kills more people in North American than any other ailment, and we aim to directly contribute to the solution through healthy beverage options and we believe we will continue to grow our brand through cross-over exposure," Richter added. “Our passion always starts with doing something that really isn’t being done in the marketplace and we feel there is a big opportunity to bring another unique product to the market. Although we have a focus, we plan on offering 4 styles of beer including: Lager, Pilsner, and 2 Ale varieties including an IPA.”

Product Features:

• Organic Barley and Hops
• Gluten and Synthetic Preservative Free
• Botanical ingredients

Product Benefits:

• Boosts Cardiovascular and Cell Health
• Promotes Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Glucose Levels
• Combats Fatigue and Increases Natural Energy Levels