Clarity Food Ventures LLC launched Soup Explorers, a line of globally-inspired, premium refrigerated soup kits that can be prepared in three minutes or less. Four varieties are available, including: Vietnamese Chicken Phở; Vietnamese Vegetable Phở; American Chicken Noodle; and Moroccan Chilled Cucumber.

Soup Explorers soups are crafted in partnership with some of Chicago’s most beloved restaurants. The Vietnamese Phởs were created hand-in-hand with Mary Nguyen Aregoni and Theresa Nguyen, the restaurateurs behind Chicago’s acclaimed Saigon Sisters® Restaurants. The result? An authentic culinary experience, delivered in the convenience of a ready-to-heat soup kit. The American Chicken Noodle and Moroccan Chilled Cucumber soups have unique personalities and were developed in collaboration with Soupbox® restaurant’s founder Jamie Taerbaum, who has been in the soup business for 25 years.

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Soup Explorers’ line of globally-inspired and locally-crafted, refrigerated soup kits are in-touch with the needs and wants of today’s modern consumers and retailers. The soup kits, which are available at select Chicagoland retailers, are dairy-free, nut-free and void of artificial ingredients or preservatives. Each kit contains: a bottle of slow-simmered broth (not a dehydrated broth packet); individually-packed cooked proteins and noodles; aromatic garnish of vegetables and herbs; and a biodegradable, palm leaf bowl. To enjoy, the proteins, noodles and broth are combined in the palm leaf bowl and heated in a microwave for two minutes. The soup experience is complete when the aromatic garnish is added on top.

Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, and Soup Explorers packaging is mostly recyclable or compostable to minimize environmental impact. Soup Explorers kits that are close to shelf-life expiration will be donated to local food pantries.