InsightsNow, a behavioral research firm, introduces the InsightsNow Behavioral App Store™, containing a wide array of applications for product development and marketing tools for business decision making.  

The storefront is set up for on-demand ordering, through annual subscriptions with pre-purchased bundles of credits to access, at will, the suite of behavioral applications. By providing one place for research access, the portal allows cross-departmental collaboration and streamlined information sharing.  

“This new storefront goes beyond any current offerings in the marketplace, especially with the unique Behavioral KPIs available in the system.” said Dave Lundahl, Founder and CEO of InsightsNow. “It puts all the tools product developers and marketers need for their next project in one place, for ease of use, to help product developers, marketers and researchers nudge and disrupt their consumers.” 

The InsightsNow Behavioral App Store is a suite of behavioral product development and marketing tools for teams innovating new or renovating existing consumer products. The storefront includes: 

•    The Behavior Knowledge Center: enables browsing to find a wide range of downloadable Behavioral Reports for insights into the whys of consumer shopping behavior and product usage. 

•    The Behavior KPI Center: provides look-up behavioral scores comparing ingredients, claims, benefits, and brands to make quick product development and positioning decisions to impact behavior. 

•    The Behavior Testing Center: offers quick and cost-effective ordering of custom behavioral research studies such as home use tests, online focus groups, bulletin board studies and video dives. 

To sign up for a free trial, learn more about the storefront or enquire about custom research, reach out to InsightsNow at or visit 

About InsightsNow 

InsightsNow, an agile behavioral research firm, partners with clients across a wide array of industry verticals to grow marketing, branding and product development through custom, cutting-edge research technologies and innovative techniques. The company specializes in finding answers faster, improving speed-to and success-in market, and changing the way we all look at humans and human behavior. 

InsightsNow was named one of the most innovative market research firms in the world by Greenbook’s 2018 Grit Report.