Soy sauce is one of the oldest condiments and continues to grow in popularity. Its flavoring characteristics make it a versatile base for marinades and cooking sauces. 

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class I and Class IV Caramel Colors are used more in Asia for specialty red tone applications; while in the US, Class III is primarily used for premium soy sauces along with Class IV for more economical soy sauces. 

SETHNESS ROQUETTE offers two varieties or classes of salt-stable Caramel Colors. Our positively charged, low-sulfite Class III P212 provides excellent reddish-brown tones and are extremely stable in soy sauces. The SETHNESS ROQUETTE Class IV DSL4 offers dark brown tones that work in applications up to 20% salt.

SETHNESS ROQUETTE Caramel Colors continue to grow in the sauces and seasonings market—with such savory sauces like fish, oyster, mushroom; as well as glazes for chicken and ham. More recently these colors fit other on-trend applications, such as in Korean BBQ or in Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauces applied on non-traditional foods. 

SETHNESS ROQUETTE has the perfect caramel color, safe, stable, high quality and highly concentrated for whatever you are creating.

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