Butter Buds ® Inc., a global leader in dairy and non-dairy concentrates, announced Tom Buhler has been named the company’s chief community affairs officer. 

“I’m pleased to share Tom Buhler has taken on a new role as Butter Buds chief community affairs officer,” said John Buhler, President of Butter Buds. “Tom is working to advance our company’s mission of recognizing our local community and environment as critical stakeholders. His efforts will strengthen our relationships with local businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies that are involved in boosting the health, economy, education and environment of our community.”

Tom Buhler will continue to serve on the management team supporting company operations, as well as lead the company’s sustainability efforts. In addition, Tom will continue to champion human resources initiatives to position Butter Buds as a world-class employer.

“Butter Buds strives to be a dynamic, socially responsible organization and we believe those efforts begin within our community,” said Tom Buhler, chief community affairs officer. “As a multigenerational family-owned company, we are excited to strengthen our partnerships to ensure the health and prosperity of the surrounding community.”