Summer is the time for BBQ.  Whether poultry, pork, beef, seafood, plant-based or flexitarian, Advanced Food Systems Inc. (AFS) has the ingredients to help create new BBQ products or bring your existing BBQ products to the next level.  

AFS can provide a full range of ingredient systems for BBQ products.  Marinade systems to help keep meats juicy and tender while incorporating flavor.  Rubs and seasonings to provide bold flavors, seal in moisture and provide visual appeal.  AFS offers different marinade/dry rub combinations for high temperature/short time or low temperature/ long time cooking conditions.  

In addition, AFS has formulated full flavor ready-to-use liquid sauces and glazes that cling to products when applied pre- or post-cook.

All products can be customized to meet desired flavor profiles, from local, regional to ethnic variations.  In addition to flavor, AFS can ensure all ingredient and allergen requirements are met.