Advanced Food Systems develops and manufactures customized ingredient systems for meat and poultry products, frozen foods, sauces and marinades, and many other products.

We're active in almost all food categories. We use spices, seasonings, flavors, stabilizers, emulsifiers, gums and other hydrocolloids, colors, and a variety of functional ingredients to create customized solutions for a broad range of food-service customers.

Our specialty ingredient systems are developed through the creative combination of ingredient technology, industry insight, culinary expertise, and processing experience. We can also recommend ways to improve processing efficiency or even create new technologies to help you meet your challenges.

Protect Poultry Flavor

AFS’ new Sealtite® RCW and Seal ‘N Crisp® RCW systems are the most recent chicken wing development from the R&D team at AFS.

The RCW system gives an end-user the ability to reheat fully-cooked, frozen wings under numerous conditions without impacting appearance in both commercial and at-home heating conditions.

Possible reheating methods include: 

•    Deep Fryer

•    Home Oven

•    Convection Oven

•    Rapid Cook Oven

•    Pizza Oven

•    Air Fryer

Together, AFS’ new products provide neutral roast chicken flavor with a crisp, honey brown color. Whether served as is, with any condiment or with a topical seasoning, the RCW chicken wings are sure to please any chicken wing aficionado.

The versatile RCW wing system has potential applications to foodservice, retail, convenience stores, and quick-service restaurants. Wing appearance is uniform and maintains a tender and juicy texture, regardless of reheating method or wing size.

Please contact AFS for glaze-free Buffalo, BBQ, Gluten-free or clean label wing systems.

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