Benson Hill, one of the fastest-growing food tech companies in the country, placed St. Louis at the forefront of the future of food with the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art headquarters located in the 39 North Innovation District.

Benson Hill's leading food innovation engine taps nature's genetic diversity to fuel more healthy and sustainable options that benefit farmers, food companies of all kinds and, ultimately, consumers. The 160,000 square foot headquarters will house a diverse and growing team with expertise in plant biology, agronomy, data analytics, machine learning, and food science all focused on a single goal – empowering the innovation of better food and ingredient options from plant to plate.

The US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue attended the ribbon-cutting for Benson Hill's new headquarters, which was broadcast virtually to most Benson Hill team members and stakeholders due to COVID-19.

Benson Hill is already delivering on the promise. In March 2020, the company led the industry to commercialize the first ultra-high protein soybeans with the potential to replace soy protein concentrate, reducing costly and water-intensive processing steps to improve the sustainability of feed and food ingredients.

The new facility also reflects Benson Hill's healthy, open and inclusive culture with features such as outside collaboration spaces, individual wellness and focus rooms, unisex restrooms, a gym and a healthy micro-mart. The company's commitment to safety provides adaptable workspaces and easy-to-sanitize furnishings as well as a plasma ionization air filtration system that exceeds industry standards, eliminating airborne viruses for the entire building and providing 100 percent fresh air circulation in the labs as team members and visitors are able to return to the workplace over time.