After months of hard work and dedication, Idaho Milk Products is pleased to announce the redesign of their company website. The fresh new look makes it easier for visitors to find information about the company, discover the services it offers and obtain solutions for producing high-quality products with world-class ingredients.

“Our redesigned website will provide added value to our customers,” said Ron Hayes, marketing manager at Idaho Milk Products. “The new design features a blog where customers can find articles to assist with their formulation needs, application suggestions, company announcements and much more.”

Some additional features include an up-to-date FAQ/Resource section, a new category about their state-of-the-art Milk Innovation Center (MIC) and a Team gallery highlighting the different departments and their functions in the company. As the experts in milk proteins, Idaho Milk Products believes in sharing knowledge with those in the food & beverage industry to bring better products to market. Those with questions or discussion topics about proteins or dairy ingredients they would like to see addressed are encouraged to email them to or fill out a form for more information at