Supply Change Capital co-founders Noramay Cadena and Shayna Harris are focused on creating a seat at the table for diverse entrepreneurs in food and foodtech. More than half of America's citizens will be diverse by 2045, according to The Brookings Institute, yet less than 2.6% of venture funding in 2020 went to Latinx or Black entrepreneurs. More specifically, in foodtech, less than 3% of venture funding supported female founders. Cadena and Harris are deeply committed to driving inclusion, a shared passion since meeting as MIT graduate students more than a decade ago.

Through the development of Supply Change Capital, Cadena and Harris found that the investment opportunity over the next two decades in food will surpass $100 billion, yet no other venture capital firm is explicitly focused on the market. By 2045, American demographics will flip, as the minority becomes the 'New Majority.'
The fund manager duo launched Supply Change Capital to invest in the changing face of food. Their investments focus on consumer brands founded by diverse entrepreneurs with mainstream appeal, sustainable ingredients, and the technology stack that is required to support this shift. Combining nearly four decades of experience as operators, community leaders, and investors, paired with five higher education degrees, they are bullish on the investment opportunity at hand and uniquely positioned to capture value.