Rebellious Infusions launched Pure Energy Infusions, a premium range that maintains a high antioxidant level of 100mg as well as 100mg of caffeine per serving. Powered to increase a sense of alertness and enhance focus without the energy crash often synonymous with caffeinated beverages, the company launched three new flavors: Marvelous (Mango), Tenacious (Tangerine), and Courageous (Cherry).
With more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, DuMars and co-founder, Joe O'Connor, started Rebellious to disrupt the energy drink industry and create a healthy, functional hydration movement with ready-to-drink packets powered with antioxidant-packed organic teas.
Like Rebellious' Original Infusions, Pure Energy doesn't contain any sugar, calories, artificial colorings, flavors, sweeteners or fillers. 
Rebellious Infusions and Pure Energy are available for purchase in 12- or 24-packs and variety packs.