The Tent Partnership for Refugees, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes the business community to support refugees, launched UNSTUCK™, an initiative to create job opportunities for people fleeing their homes as a result of violence, war, and persecution. UNSTUCK will do this by partnering with leading brands to make sought-after products with ingredients sourced from suppliers employing refugees. 

Starting by working with processed fruit suppliers in Latin America, UNSTUCK will help its brand partners identify suppliers who are hiring or willing to hire refugees and connect them to local NGO partners to help them recruit, train and integrate refugee employees.

The model allows brands to not only take a stand on a critical social issue, but to act on it. Consumers increasingly choose brands that walk the talk on social issues. Research from Havas Media Group shows that 73% of consumers say brands must act now for the good of society and the planet, but 71% don’t believe brands will deliver on their promises. UNSTUCK is able to help companies make progress on their ESG goals by driving the economic and social inclusion of refugees through their day-to-day business.

UNSTUCK’s initial efforts are focused on Latin America, where more than five million Venezuelans have been forced to flee violence and economic collapse. UNSTUCK has partnered with food maker Chobani to develop the initiative’s first product: Chobani® & Unstuck™ Greek Yogurt Mango & Cream, made with mangos sourced from suppliers in Colombia and Peru hiring Venezuelan refugees.

Chobani® & Unstuck™ Greek Yogurt Mango & Cream is sold nationally at retail and grocery stores at a suggested retail price of $4.29.