Prepared Foods showcases plant-based meat, dairy alternatives.


Better Bites

Beyond Meat Inc., El Segundo, Calif., said its new Beyond Chicken Tenders are “crafted to look, cook and taste like traditional chicken tenders” and “are breaded to perfection for a crispy outside and irresistibly tender bite.”

Beyond Meat introduced its first plant-based chicken product in 2012. Officials note that Beyond Meat’s nearly 200 research, innovation and culinary team members have spent almost a decade perfecting Beyond Chicken Tenders. 

“We’re innovating the poultry market with the new Beyond Chicken Tenders—the result of our tireless pursuit for excellence and growth at Beyond Meat,” said Dariush Ajami, chief innovation officer, Beyond Meat. “As with all our products, Beyond Chicken Tenders offer delicious taste and an exceptional culinary experience, along with strong nutritional benefits.”

Like all Beyond Meat products, Beyond Chicken Tenders are made with plant-based ingredients including faba beans and peas. With 14g of protein per serving, they’re an excellent source of protein and have 40% less saturated fat than the leading foodservice chicken tender, officials say. Consumers can find Beyond Chicken Tenders at select restaurants nationwide.


Organic Oatmilk

Thirster Organic Oatmilk Poured Into Iced Coffee

US Foods Holding Corp., Rosemont, Ill., introduced as many as 18 new products as part of its “Summer Scoop” innovation platform. Nearly all items address back-of-house labor needs and one new related offering extends the company’s plant-based portfolio: Thirster Organic Oatmilk.

“Through each phase of the pandemic, our commitment to helping our restaurant operators ‘Make It’ with product innovation and expert resources has remained our number one priority,” said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of product development and innovation for US Foods. “As restaurants quickly move closer to, or reach, full capacity, solving back-of-house labor challenges is more critical than ever. As a result, operators need products that are easy to prep back-of-house, require fewer culinary skills, and deliver on taste, quality and profitability. With Summer Scoop, we’ve designed a product lineup to help restaurant operators meet these challenges head-on.”

US Foods says Thirster Organic Oatmilk’s neutral flavor makes it the non-dairy option of choice. Because it froths more like cow’s milk, oatmilk delivers a real-milk experience to lattes and mochas. US Foods also adds vitamins A and D, plus calcium, to make it an ingredient in any beverage or smoothie

The product is a USDA Certified Organic oat-based alternative dairy beverage. Each serving contains 25% daily value of calcium, 20% of vitamin A, and 20% of vitamin D. Thirster Organic Oatmilk ships in 1-quart ambient, aseptic pouches come 12 per case.


Award Winner

Beyond the Butcher UNCUT Plant-Based Taco Grounds on Avocado Halves

Before the Butcher, San Diego, earned one of the National Restaurant Association’s 2021 Food and Beverage (FABI) awards for its UNCUT Plant-Based Taco Grounds. 

Officials say the product “delivers the first ground beef replacement that is pre-seasoned with Mexican-style spices for use in tacos, burritos, nachos, taquitos and other recipes requiring a slightly spicy kick.” It provides a versatile new option for meatless programs in schools, homes, work and healthcare facilities.

“We are proud to recognize this year’s FABI Award recipients. These 24 products showcase the innovation and creativity that our industry continues to produce,” said Tom Cindric, president of Winsight Exhibitions. “From Free Wave Non-Alcoholic Hazy IPA to White Truffle Infused Spray Oil to UNCUT® Plant-Based Taco Ground and Beyond Chicken® Tenders, these FABI Award recipients are being recognized for inspiring new tastes, flavors, and craftsmanship during a time when it was needed most. Congratulations to all of the recipients.” 

Last fall saw Before the Butcher introduce as many as five new SKUs including UNCUT Ground, Chorizo Ground, Italian Ground, Taco Ground and Breakfast Ground. The new ground products come packaged in 14oz retail bricks at MSRPs of $7.99, as well as in larger sizes for foodservice use. Thawed products require just 5-7 minutes of cooking.