Nexira, a leader in acacia fiber and natural plant-based ingredients for the food, nutrition and health industries, announced its acquisition of the Swiss company UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG, a specialist and leader in natural hydrocolloids and premium ingredients. 

This acquisition is fully consistent with Nexira's external growth and diversification strategy, strengthening its position in its core business – the production of natural plant-based ingredients for a variety of food product categories. With the addition of this new range of functional ingredients to its portfolio, Nexira consolidates its leadership in the fast-growing market segments of plant-based alternatives, dairy alternatives, and meat substitutes. 

Swiss-based UNIPEKTIN Ingredients AG produces natural ingredients for the food industry. The company is an expert and world leader in the production of locust bean gum (LBG), used for its thickening, stabilizing properties. Its product range also includes a number of other specialty ingredients such as specific grades of tara gum, hydrolyzed guar gum, and beet fiber. 

With a record turnover of more than $155M in 2021, and 90% of that total coming from exports, the Nexira Group is a leading producer of functional, organic, clean-label ingredients sourced responsibly and sustainably. Nexira guarantees a reliable supply chain and continued access to raw materials, with full traceability. 

The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.