Demand for classic home-styled foods has increased during the pandemic as these well-known and beloved tastes often trigger pleasant, comforting memories for consumers.

Within the savory category, it’s clear that consumers crave chicken as an all-time favorite taste in comfort foods.  Whether it’s slow cooked meatballs or a childhood favorite like crispy chicken nuggets, consumers are looking for the ultimate mouth-watering chicken taste that delivers comforting umami and a premium eating experience.

Inspired by traditional cooking methods and equipped with a wealth of experience, Ohly offers solutions to meet market demands. Starting with high protein baker’s yeast, adding select high quality ingredients, and applying moderate heat; our unique braised chicken flavor OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD, was born.

OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD provides a succulent dark-meat chicken taste that delivers the mouth-watering umami consumers are looking for in savory applications. OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD is easily dissolved in water and can be applied in a variety of applications, from processed meats and meat alternatives, to sauces and seasonings for snacks.

Working closely with our flavor scientists, our global application experts have tested OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD in a wide range of food applications to determine its greatest attributes. They have shown that it effectively masks undesirable off-tastes and delivers the perception of succulence in plant–based meat substitutes. At the same time, it enhances rich, fatty chicken flavors in gravies and broths and prevents loss of flavor in frozen processed meats.

Beyond taste and off-taste masking capabilities, our new yeast-based flavor can be a great tool when working with low-sodium meat applications due to its naturally high salt enhancing umami. In addition, OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD is allergen and GMO-free. It is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products, as well as being halal and kosher certified.

Alongside our internal experts’ evaluation, we engaged an independent group of flavor scientists to study the characteristics of OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD. Their studies showed that OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD delivers a higher umami impact in comparison with the main yeast-based thermal process flavorings currently on the market. This result, along with the flavor map, demonstrates that our product not only provides a rich chicken taste, but also delivers long-lasting umami mouthfeel, thus eliminating the need to add other premium flavor modifiers. When applying OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD to plant-based meat substitutes, its intense umami and meaty taste combination are essential for achieving the authentic taste that flexitarians are looking for.

OHLY® SAV-R-MEAT PBD delivers strong braised chicken flavor and taste modifying function, enabling food developers to meet market demand without compromising on taste!

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About Ohly
Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts, yeast-based flavors and culinary powders for the global food, biotechnology, human and animal health markets. Ohly offers a wide selection of flavor tools especially designed for savory food products. This includes primary grown baker´s and torula yeast-based flavor ingredients such as yeast extracts, inactive dry yeast and yeast cell wall derivatives.

Under the original brand name OHLY®, baker´s yeast extracts are manufactured which are produced through a gentle extraction process. Typically used at very low dosages, yeast extracts are very efficient flavour improvers.

Ohly is part of the ABF Ingredients group, who focus on high value ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.