The van Breemen Company announced its first hemp-based wellness product, the Original Wellness Formula. 

The Original Wellness Formula is a proprietary blend that stems directly from the research of Dr. Richard van Breemen. In keeping with The van Breemen Company’s goal of achieving optimal health through the use of plants and science, the company plans to submit elements of this formula in the near future to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval. 

In addition, promising natural and plant-based strategies for a variety of conditions and health challenges are being studied for near-term development of wellness products.

Product Details:
• Pineapple Flavor
• Sublingual - Full Spectrum
• 2oz (60ml) - 30 day supply
• 124mg per serving (3,726mg per bottle)
• Suggested Serving - 1ml dropper 2x daily
• Proprietary Blend of:
• THCA (Below 0.3%)
• SRP: $49.99