Bevolution recently introduced traditional flavors like Cola, Ginger Ale, Citrus, and Root Beer, as well as small-batch craft flavors. New flavors include Banana Split and Raspberry Lemonade, or if customers are feeling adventurous, the Tropical Sriracha adds a mix of sweet and heat.

Bevolution is also launching a custom small-batch craft soda program. Bevolution will work with partners to create new and innovative dream flavor combinations. All the soda flavors are sweetened with pure cane sugar, never high-fructose corn syrup, to ensure the quality, flavor drinks.

The craft soda market is now more than a $650 million per year enterprise and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5% over the next eight years. As tastes change and demand grows for higher-quality ingredients and unique flavors, customers can expect to see Bevolution at the forefront of craft beverages. 

Bevolution Group has a history of beverage innovation dating back to 1962, from iconic mixers in New York bars, juices, energy drinks, and the first shelf-stable smoothie free of artificial ingredients.