Bevolution Group announcedits official launch following the strategic combination of Juice Tyme and Lemon-X in March 2015. This puts the Bevolution Group in a promising position as a manufacturer of shelf-stable and frozen beverage products, as well as cocktail mixes.

Bevolution Group

The Bevolution Group name is inspired by the company's commitment to continually evolve through investments in capabilities, product development, and strategic acquisitions. The name also spotlights the company's focus on following beverage trends and delivering innovative ways to keep its customers ahead of the curve, such as its new line of superfruit-infused waters that are aligned with health and wellness trends.

"We set out to create a new company that leverages over 85 combined years of expertise established by Juice Tyme and Lemon-X, while also embodying new strategies to differentiate and guide us," said Chief Executive Officer Sam Lteif. "Collaborative, quality-focused, and driven by our customers' needs – that's Bevolution Group. We are excited about our future strategy which includes strong organic growth plans and strategic acquisitions that further enhance our market position and complement our product portfolio."

"This is so much more than a name change," said Jerry Desmond, Executive Vice President of Sales and Field Service Operations. "It's a signal to our customers that we're 100% invested in building a truly exceptional company that's focused on their success."

The Bevolution Group offers customized beverage solutions to the foodservice industry. Offerings include juices, juice drinks, cocktail mixes, teas, energy drinks, and thickened waters among others. The company also provides a variety of dispensing equipment supported by a team of service technicians.