Kemin Industries presented a session during the 2023 Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) Convention and Trade Show in Austin, Tex., on Tuesday, May 2. 

Arthur Posch, Platform Development Manager Bakery, Kemin Food Technologies–North America, delivered a presentation titled, “Addressing Industry Challenges.” He discussed tortilla industry market conditions and suggested ways manufacturers could better maintain market leadership.

“In recent years, the demand for tortillas has boomed, with more consumers eating meals at home and desiring the convenience, versatility and value that tortillas provide,” said Posch. “However, manufacturers are also operating in incredibly uncertain market conditions, with rising costs, supply chain issues and the continued labor shortage presenting challenges for the industry. This presentation aimed to help manufacturers overcome some of these challenges and provide solutions that will protect their bottom line while meeting consumer demands for high-quality bakery products.”

Kemin’s presentation at the TIA Convention and Trade Show offered tortilla manufacturers key takeaways, including:

•  Market review of the bakery landscape, including rising demand for tortillas
•  Summary of industry challenges, including changes in consumer shopping behaviors
• Overview of bakery product capabilities and solutions offered by Kemin Food 

“Whether it’s the retail or foodservice sector, there is no denying the increased popularity of tortillas,” said Posch. “Kemin is here to help our customers create a product that uses label-friendly ingredients to stay soft, moist and pliable throughout its shelf life. As the fresher, safer, longer experts, we work with customers one-on-one to help find the best formulation for their tortilla needs.”

Kemin Food Technologies – North America offers a complete suite of tortilla solutions, including dough conditioners and softeners; enzyme blends and batch packs; and mold inhibitors. The solutions—ranging from complete drop-in options and premixes to individual functional ingredients such as mold inhibitors, enzymes, emulsifiers and gum blends—help manufacturers offer high-quality tortillas that consumers love. Kemin offers solutions in liquid and dry varieties with label-friendly, organic and non-GMO options.

Learn more about Kemin tortilla solutions that help to keep tortillas fresh and appealing.

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