What to do with a broken toe?

I saw this question posed on a billboard, Tuesday last, and it occurred to me that I am unable to form a thoughtful answer. Keep weight off the injured foot. That seems logical. Perhaps elevate it. I've seen this in countless war films. Drink fluids. This is consummate advice for the ill. I see no reason why it shouldn't be extended to the hobbled.

And what else?

Don't kick anything. Certainly, that is a sound constitution for he with a broken toe.

But, these are feeble, hastily constructed thoughts. Surely, a true answer to the billboard's inquiry lies on the tongue of some podiatrist in at least one of the Earth's hemispheres.

I've heard surrender in the mouths of the broken toe'd.
"Can't do anything about it," they say.
"Toe's broke. Best to fight through it."

Is that what is best? A broken toe should be endured like community theater starring your neighbor and mail carrier? You are somehow sentenced to living with the pain until the curtain comes down and you can walk again?

I am puzzled. I must stop reading billboards at once!

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