Fat reduction in food formulations, that's the matter at hand today. As you well know, there are many moments when full fat in meals is all that matters. You would never sacrifice the rich flavor of a salty, smooth, delicious dish.

However, there are plenty of occasions when reduced fat is what we desire in our meals. The bigness, the fullness, the sluggish feeling afterward… you just don't want it. And sure, there are a host of health reasons for not constantly eating full fat foods. So, you intelligent mass, you are on the hook to keep developing reduced fat foods that don't compromise flavor, literally allowing consumers to have their cake and eat it, too.

Here are some articles to get your creative juices flowing.

Surprised that there is no tangential thought today? I am, too. I'm compelled to move off into a short discussion of microphones, but I will not. Laser focus. Read away!

Your weekly reduction!
Articles concerning fat reduction in the development and formulation of food products.

New technologies on fat- and oil-based ingredients, plus technical tips on reducing fats were offered at one Prepared Foods’ R&D Applications Seminar.

Creative food processors and ingredient makers are teaming up to bring all the components together as seamlessly as macaroni and cheese.

Eating less fat reduced body weight by 1.6kg, BMI by 0.56kg per square metre and waist circumference by 0.5cm.

After doing some initial tests with typical fried US products like chicken nuggets and French fries, we saw that the fried surimi product was consistently low in fat.

Scientists have found a way to replace up to 50% of chocolate's fat content with fruit juice.

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