Hardly anything is more natural than dancing. A spin here, a twirl there. Dip and float across the floor. I had the chance to see samples of dances from around the world at a recent festival in my town. People hemmed and hawed over whether we should be allocating tax dollars to a public art event, but when it actually appeared before us, we all gazed in wonder. How on earth do these people move their bodies in such ways? I cannot fathom.

After the event, we all gathered in the village common for fruit, cookies and tea. Much of the fruit was grown locally and the cookies were made "from organic ingredients," or so the sign, written on a sheet of paper in black marker, said. I thought, my word, look at us, taking in the arts and eating local, organic foods. We certainly are of the day, aren't we?

And that's it. The efficacy of organic and natural products is still argued from all sides. In truth though, the key for marketers is delivering the feeling that all of us villagers had as we communed and ate organics. We felt that we were on the precipice of a movement. No less, the future of food! Whether we are or not is secondary. We feel that we are. And sometimes, that makes it so. Perception leading to realization.

How odd. Yet, possible.


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