Food manufacturers who prefer the convenience of a flavor-delivery system rather than the problems associated with processing fresh fruit often find the texture of their product compromised. Loders Croklaan's fruit-textured BetrFX[tm] solves that problem, giving the texture and appearance of fresh fruit with flavor that's better than the real thing. Made with real fruit for clean labeling, BetrFX gives fruit-flavored product the intense flavor and aroma of flavor-delivery systems with a lower cost profile than that of real fruit, without compromising the texture. For example, using blueberry fruit textured BetrFX in a 50/50 ratio with real blueberries yields a product that has improved taste, appearance and aroma with lower overall cost, while retaining the “made with real fruit” label. Unlike real fruit, BetrFX does not smear or break apart during dough processing. And BetrFX[tm] ensures a stable, reliable supply despite the seasonal variations in fresh fruit and fruit availability. Loders Croklaan, 815-730-5200,