Custom Pre-mix Ideas

Products are now being developed with multiple ingredients to provide overall health solutions and to serve specific demographic audiences. Fortitech Inc., a world leader in the development of custom nutrient pre-mixes for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, has many ideas for energy enhancement. Their pre-mixes can be used to fortify cookies, sports beverages, lollipops and even gummy bears and jelly beans—proving that Fortitech is truly forward-thinking regarding its products’ applications. Fortitech Inc., Mark Fanion, 518-372-5155,,

A Top Concept

At a time when food and beverage companies are increasingly looking to outsource production, one company is offering the professional services of its production facilities and staff to other food, beverage and ingredients manufacturers for contract manufacturing. Tree Top Inc. produces and distributes its own retail brands, and it has the resources and experience to help food marketers with product needs as varied as concept ideation and distribution. With six modern processing plants on the West Coast, Tree Top can manufacture a wide range of fruit and beverage products and package them as desired in a wide variety of packaging options, plus it has the capabilities to manufacture allergen-free, organic, kosher- and halal-certified products. Tree Top Inc., Terry Morgan, 509-698-1544,

Pure Impact

One manufacturer claims to be the only manufacturer of cysteine from purely vegetarian-grade raw materials. Using a patented fermentation process, Wacker Chemicals’ cysteine is not only approved for use in vegetarian, kosher and halal foods, but also carries no risk of TSE/BSE. It is produced on an industrial scale and can be supplied in any amount and reliably offers utmost purity. Wacker Chemie AG (Munich, Germany), +49 89 6279-1575,,

Juiced Up

Martek Biosciences’ life’s DHA™ can now be found in Minute Maid® Pomegranate Blueberry Flavored Enhanced Juices lineup. Made from a blend of five juices and enhanced with 50mg of life’s DHA per 8oz serving, Pomegranate Blueberry joins Minute Maid Heart Wise®, Minute Maid Active™ and Minute Maid® Multivitamin. Martek’s life’s DHA is unique in the market, because it is derived from a sustainable and vegetarian source. Made from microalgae under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions, it is free of oceanic contaminants that may be present in certain fish or fish oils. Microalgae are the only vegetarian source of DHA omega-3—the key omega-3 for brain and eye development and function during pre-natal development and infancy. Martek Biosciences Corporation, Cassie France-Kelly, 443-542-2116,,

Sweet Dreams; No Weight Gain

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the current American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that the effect of Cognis’ Tonalin® CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) on fat oxidation is on body fat rather than fat from diet. The new findings provide important insight into the actual physiological mechanism for CLA activity in reducing body fat and help explain the impact of Tonalin CLA in reducing fat storage, the number of fat cells and size of fat cells. Tonalin CLA is derived from natural safflower oil, is stimulant-free and is the most clinically tested CLA on the market. Research shows that Tonalin CLA helps reduce body fat mass and offers long-term health benefits, especially for yo-yo dieters. Cognis Nutrition & Health, 800-673-3702,,

Smoothies Get a Boost

A category-defining leader in healthy-blended beverages, smoothies and snacks has announced its new line of functional smoothies, boosts and shots. Lipid Nutrition is proud to announce Clarinol™ CLA’s inclusion and support with Jamba Juice’s new launch, formulated to meet specific health and lifestyle needs. Clarinol CLA will be offered in Jamba Juice’s Weight Burner™ Super Boost and the Fit ’n Fruitful™ smoothie. Clarinol CLA has the highest concentration of the active isomers c9,t11 and t10,c12, which have been scientifically proven to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Lipid Nutrition is helping to combat the growing obesity epidemic by providing a weight management ingredient that is easy to incorporate in functional food and dietary supplement applications. Lipid Nutrition, Patrick Luchsinger, 815-730-5208,,

Endless Possibilities

A recent FDA approval allows for the use of a patented polydextrose ingredient in numerous applications. Danisco USA Inc. has received approval for its Litesse® polydextrose for use as a bulking agent, formulation aid, humectant and texturizer in all foods, with the exception of meat, poultry, baby foods and infant formulas. This expands its use beyond previously existing categories and allows for numerous new possibilities for low-calorie, fiber-enriched, reduced-sugar, low-glycemic foods and beverages made with Litesse polydextrose, including yogurt, cookies, soft drinks and much more. Danisco USA Inc., Donna Brooks, 800-255-6837, ext. 2521,,

A Natural Equation

A nutritional texturizer is designed to mimic the rheological and mouthfeel properties of fat or sugar while fortifying food products with fiber. Obtained from an innovative and proprietary process, Colloides Naturels International’s EQUACIA™ is a co-processed ingredient based on two all-natural fibers: acacia gum (a soluble fiber) and wheat fiber (an insoluble fiber). EQUACIA combines the numerous proven nutritional and health benefits of acacia gum (notably, a strong prebiotic effect from 6g/day and the potential ability to reduce blood glycemia and cholesterol) with the well-known positive effects of insoluble fibers on transit regulation. EQUACIA is particularly suited for applications in bakery, processed meat, sauces, ice cream and confectionary and goes through all the food process. Benedicte Maheut, (Rouen, France)+,

Sweet Tooth

The FDA will allow the claim that a nutritive sweetener does not promote tooth decay. Cargill’s Xtend isomaltulose is not fermented by oral bacteria to an extent sufficient to lower dental plaque pH to levels that would contribute to the erosion of dental enamel. Therefore, the FDA has concluded that isomaltulose does not promote tooth decay. Cargill's Xtend Isomaltulose is a fully digestible, sustained energy sweetener that is ideal for use in foods where extended energy is desired. It is obtained from sucrose by enzymatic conversion and has the same energy value as sucrose, but is digested more slowly and completely absorbed—resulting in sustained release of energy to the body. Some of the applications for Xtend isomaltulose include tooth-friendly confectionery, beverages and chewing gum applications. Cargill, Lori Fligge, 952-742-2275,,

Ethnic Taste Trends

As the American population becomes more diverse and better-traveled, it should come as no surprise that ethnic flavors and cuisines have become immensely popular in recent years. The latest trends set to captivate America's taste buds are Moroccan- and Indian-inspired dishes and flavors. Mastertaste is on the forefront of these flavor trends, working with their customers to create innovative and fresh concepts based on traditional Indian and Moroccan flavors like garam marsala, cumin and tandoori. Mastertaste's Flavoresin and Oleoresin lines include these flavors and more, allowing food processors to spice up their existing offerings or create new products. Mastertaste, Nancy Lawrence, 201-708-9264,,

Sweet Tooth, Part Two

The FDA has authorized a non-cariogenic health claim for the carbohydrate sweetener isomaltultose. Marketed under the name of Palitinose™, this official categorization in the U.S. helps to clear the way for new opportunities in positioning and product claims for food and beverage manufacturers. “Cariogenic” describes a substance that stimulates tooth decay. It is a common description for sugars that can easily be digested by oral bacteria, such as sucrose, fructose (including HFCS) and lactose. Though produced from real sugar and exhibiting a very natural taste profile, Palatinose™ is distinguished by a very strong molecular binding, which cannot be broken by plaque bacteria and prevents the generation of acids that harm tooth enamel. Isomaltulose has successfully passed the thorough FDA approval procedure and is now officially categorized “non-cariogenic” in the U.S. Palatinit GmbH, Claudia Meissner, (Mannheim, Germany) +49 621 421 150,,

Orange You Glad?

A leading creator of flavors and fragrances has reproduced the elusive taste of fresh-squeezed orange juice. International Flavors & Fragrances’ (IFF) latest additions to the Generessence® line of flavors are water-soluble solutions that can be used in a wide range of beverage applications. These proprietary new orange flavors are now available in the U.S. Like other Generessence flavors, the orange is created from components found only in the fruit itself. A team of flavorists and application specialists at IFF’s Hilversum Creative Center in the Netherlands used sophisticated techniques to analyze both fresh-squeezed juice and the volatile “add-back” compounds generated in juice-processing plants. International Flavors & Fragrances, Carol Brys, 212-708-7121,,

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  • Main Street Ingredients named Sue Horne human resources manager.
  • Richard Lenny will leave the post of Hershey president/chief executive at the end of the year. David West, the company’s current operating chief, is now president and will assume chief executive duties on December 1.
  • National Starch Food Innovation broke ground on the Texture Center of Excellence, scheduled to be operational in 2008.
  • Tetra Pak and IPM Foods LLC announced a contract for the installation of the first Tetra Recart low-acid food contract manufacturing facility in the U.S.
  • Symrise GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its international business activities in the sector of natural raw materials and extracts by acquiring the remaining shares of Aromatics S.A.S.’s assets. The company also acquired Unilever’s non-branded food ingredients business in the U.K.
  • CP Kelco will close its xanthan gum plant in Knowsley, U.K.
  • Tate & Lyle increased its STA-LITE polydextrose capacity by 30%, on the heels of FDA extending approval of polydextrose as a bulking agent, formulation aid, humectant and texturizer in all foods, with the exceptions of meat, poultry, baby foods and infant formula.
  • In a restructuring planned for early next year, Kraft Foods will turn Oscar Mayer meats into a separate business unit. The overhaul of reporting lines will break Kraft's five North American business sectors into eight business units, a spokeswoman said.
  • Solae hired Dr. Priscilla Samuel as director of nutrition sciences.
  • Fortitech Asia Pacific achieved ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP recertification.