To Go Brands has launched Acai Natural Energy Boost, a beverage mix available in single doses, but formulated with organic açaí, as well as six other organic Superfruit powders and extracts, with an energy positioning.

This energy positioning moves away from the usual claims linked to açaí--normally just its high antioxidant content. Claiming a natural, energizing formula for quick and sustained energy, the product is also said to promote alertness and clarity and assist in post-exercise recovery. It is formulated with natural organic extracts, as well as energy compounds from green tea,yerba mate, guarana and ChocamineT, a special dark chocolate extract meant to provide the stimulation and health benefits of chocolate--without any of the unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and fat. The mix is also rich in chromium, a mineral said to be essential to support normal blood sugar levels. The natural energy formula is delivered in a base of organic, soluble rice bran and stevia leaf crystals.