Prepared Foods Exclusive: Flavors in Confections

January 19/Chicago/Prepared Foods Magazine -- Flavor is an integral part of food and what it offers consumers, and therefore, the optimization of flavor in food is important for manufacturers in adding value to their products. Currently, there are major changes in food flavor innovation driven by shifts in consumer behavior. Business Insights has published a report to help manufacturers understand these drivers and their effects. In addition, emerging technologies, new business practices, and novel R&D are driving developments in sensory innovation.

The top flavors in confectionery product launches in 2007 included a number of fruity flavors, as well as peppermint. However, variations on chocolate dominated the top product launches, with the top three flavors being chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Expanding to look at the top 20, mainly traditional fruit flavors were seen, such as strawberry, orange, lemon, cherry, etc. Mint, various nuts, cream, caramel and vanilla also featured prominently.

An analysis of the growth rate in flavors in new product launches in this category over the period between 2004 and 2007, showed no flavors growing at a rate of more than 1.1% per year. This indicates that although flavors in confectionery products are changing, these changes are taking place gradually. Dark chocolate is the fastest-growing flavor. The 10 fastest growing flavors were:
• Dark chocolate
• Wafer
• Hazelnut
• Peppermint
• Mango
• Marzipan
• Licorice
• Bitter chocolate
• Spearmint
• Cranberry

Overall, the confectionery market appears to be restructuring toward mature/adult flavors (complex and intense), as opposed to flavors traditionally aimed at children (sweet, sour and simple). This may be to move away from dependence on the children’s market and the complex ethical issues surrounding it.

"Future Flavor Trends in Food" published by Business Insights provides a comprehensive review of current, new and emerging flavors in the food sector. This report presents and evaluates the role of flavor and food manufacturers in flavor innovation and key flavor trends, and analyzes fast growth flavors in key categories in terms of product launches.

Discover the areas of opportunity in food flavors and understand how these opportunities fit into larger food industry trends with this report.

From the January 19, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition