The grain market has been estimated to have grown 17% in 2008, according to market research publisher, Packaged Facts. A quote from its report, “The U.S. Market for Whole and Other Grains: Trends and Developments,” helps shed light on the reasons why. “Grains, as they appear in their healthiest forms (i.e., whole grains), are garnering acclaim from health and nutrition professionals for their ability to play an important role in a healthy diet, without necessarily contributing to weight gain or sugar imbalance. Refined grains are still widely used, but are now recognized as less desirable for optimal nutrition and weight control.” Perhaps, as whole-grain products gain ground, developers should consider boosting the nutritional profiles of other products, also.

Using texturized proteins to enhance the nutritional content of many products is one possibility. In 2008, Solbar Industries’ management decided it was time to introduce a familiar product to the market, but with a new approach: Bontex, a line of proprietary, steam-textured soy proteins. Bontex has a long history going back to the 1970s (as “Bontrae,” from General Mills), but, today, there is renewed interest, due to its excellent qualities in a wide variety of applications, according to the company. 

A key quality of Bontex texturized soy proteins is the absence of strong soy off-flavors, which are traditionally found in other textured vegetable proteins (TVPs). This is because it is produced through a proprietary steam-texturization process that removes volatile flavors and preserves nutritional values after high-temperature/short-time (HTST) processing. During this process, the soy proteins bind into puffy agglomerates and are then cut and sieved into five optional sizes and shapes.

Another attractive attribute of Bontex is its fast rehydration rate. It will rehydrate to 3-4 times its weight in 2-3 minutes of hot water or 2-3 times its weight in 3-4 minutes in cold water. It also has a pleasant mouthfeel, and natural colors and flavors can be added during the steam texturization process.

David Kraus, Solbar’s global applications manager, has formulated applications with unique and timely benefits, such as cakes and streusel, which have the nutritional benefits of soy or chocolate with a crunchy nutty feel and no potential risks, while being tasty and “good-for-you.” It is also excellent for the meaty component in sauces and fillings, like spaghetti Bolognese, tacos, crepes, enchiladas and burritos; ready meals, like ravioli and tortellini; pizza toppings; and wet and dry soups.

“As Bontex is low in fat, calories and sodium, yet high in dietary fibers, cholesterol-free and gluten-free, it is ideal for products that are of utmost importance in today’s market, such as dietetic products, low-sodium diets and products to improve the digestive system,” says Gary Brenner, vice president of marketing and development of Solbar Industries Ltd.

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