R&D: Nutrition with Market-ready Ingredients-- January 2011

The development of products takes an integrated approach. For example, information on formulation, nutrition and regulatory issues is often crucial for successful development of new foods and beverages.

This last year, new products, a new institute and a new amalgamation were announced by BENEO Inc. All are designed to proactively and effectively deliver the company's "Solutions Platforms," a complete program moving beyond simply selling ingredients to address the food industry's need for tailored information and support.

 BENEO offers naturally-derived, functional food ingredients which uniquely enable its clientele of food and beverage manufacturers to create consumer products that are tooth-friendly, gluten-free, fiber-enriched, fat- and sugar- reduced, easily digestible, energy-sustaining and calorie-smart. The product line is also supportive of fat oxidation to assist in weight management and weight loss--all without compromising taste, texture or mouthfeel, reports the company.

The active prebiotic fibers, OraftiÆ inulin and oligofructose, from chicory root, promote the balance of the intestinal flora by selectively stimulating beneficial bacteria. They enhance the absorption of calcium and contribute to the body's natural defenses and general well-being, also replacing fat and/or sugar toward reducing caloric value, without adverse effects on taste or texture.

The next-generation sweeteners Palatinoseô (i.e., the disaccharide isomaltulose, composed of one unit of fructose and one of glucose) and isomalt (a disaccharide composed of glucose and mannitol) are derived from sugar beets. They feature a taste very similar to sucrose, but without promoting tooth decay. Palatinose is the only fully-digestible, low-glycemic carbohydrate that provides prolonged energy in the form of glucose, notes the supplier. It is ideal for applications such as instant and RTD beverages (sports, energy, wellness and even beer), as well as baby food, soft sugar confectionery and snack bars. Isomalt is the top sugar replacer, worldwide, in sugar-free hard candy and is also great for sugar-free products, such as gum, chocolate, baked goods and fruit spreads.

BENEO's rice ingredients are a great solution for the rising demand for products that are "clean label," organic,gluten-free and hypoallergenic. BENEO offers an extended range of organic and non-organic, whole-grain rice flour that can improve the cooking behavior of pasta, enhance crispiness and prolong bowl life in breakfast cereals, and suit a wide range of applications in cakes, cookies and gluten-free bread. Nutriz is a rice concentrate with applications in non-dairy drinks and desserts. BENEO also offers a wide range of native starches that can create delicate textures that are not only attractive to consumers, but also very stable. They are ideally suited to mimic a full-bodied, fatty mouthfeel to improve creaminess of a variety of foods, beverages or filmy textures (such as confectionery coatings, like candy-coated chocolates); a brittle, foam-like mouthfeel for cakes; or a crispy/crumbly texture for cookies or crackers.

Additionally, BENEO has announced the creation of the BENEO-Institute, which brings together the company's knowledge and capabilities from within its nutrition science, regulatory affairs and nutrition communication departments, extending across the full array of BENEO ingredients.

"BENEO continues to lead the industries it serves, in terms of supporting customers throughout the entire product development process," states Joe O'Neill, executive vice president of sales and marketing for BENEO Inc. "From new product ideas using up-to-the-minute consumer insights and focused market research, to specific advice on government legislation and regulation, our Solution Platforms see product concepts through to final formulation and marketing the world over." pf
--Kelley Fitzpatrick, Content Editor, NutraSolutions.com

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