In Germany, Zwicky has launched Zwicky Swiss Morning 7:15 Day Starter Crunchy Choco-Berry Muesli. The chocolate flavor profile is not particularly innovative in the market, but notable about this product is its branding, using a particular time in the morning and the term "day starter." This straightforward, simple messaging communicates directly to consumers that the product is to be consumed first thing in the morning (7:15am, to be exact); the front-of-pack verbiage "good day" and "day starter" tells the consumer that eating the product is a beneficial way to start the day. This product's innovative positioning is sure to stand out amidst the clutter of the cereal aisle.

Mintel's report, "Breakfast Cereals, U.K., February 2010," notes over a quarter of U.K. consumers like to try out new cereals, and over a third (37%) get bored eating the same cereal every day. In light of this, manufacturers are tasked with offering new innovative flavors and formulations. Dorset Cereals recently added a notable variety to its range of cereals, which taps into another common breakfast element, marmalade. Dorset Cereals Marmalade Granola comprises crunchy oats, sunflower seeds, rye flakes and roasted hazelnuts baked with marmalade. The inclusion of marmalade is truly innovative; no other cold cereals are tracked in GNPD incorporating the ingredient.

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