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Hitting the Shelves: Going Global -- February 2011

In Spain, Monva has launched Oliver Petite Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Babies. For babies aged 6 months and up, the olive oil is specially formulated to provide optimal health benefits. The manufacturer claims the vitamin E in olive oil is essential to babies' growing bones, correct brain development and the formation of the nervous system. On the product website, the manufacturer claims the Spanish Association of Pediatrics prescribes olive oil in preference to any other fats, according to its "Hyper Cholesterol in Children" report. Even the packaging is kid-friendly, packaged with a plastic dispenser that has a safety clamp to hinder spillage.

In France, Sushi Ran BV has launched Ricewich, which is a rice sandwich with sauce. The sandwich consists of two lightly grilled, triangular rice slices filled with one of four flavor varieties: Tempura Fried Shrimp, Tatsuta Fried Chicken or Kakiage Fried Vegetable. The rice slices are a combination of sticky rice, brown rice and sushi rice. This product is certainly innovative and is likely to appeal to busy consumers looking for a fresh take on the sandwich.

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